Written by Michael Meyer 

Soon to be written and filmed in India. With copyright permission it will be the sequel to Star Man 

EXT. THAR DESERT - INDIA - MOONLIT NIGHT Music: Message From The Cosmos by Kitaro Palms sway in a warm breeze. A lone figure of a man walks along the horizon of sand, his silhouette blends a flowing gown just above his ankles. A boy drinks from a well shimmering in the moonlight, then looks upward as he hears footsteps nearing. The light reveals his eyes are blind as he drops his cup to the ground. It rolls slightly to a pair of feet in sandals. A shadow of a man umbrella’s the boy when suddenly two hands reach for his face. The boy begins to shiver and quake. BOY You’re him...the man in my dreams. It’s you! Tears start to swell beneath his blank eyes. The gentle hands calm the boy as they cover his eyes. Then glorious rays of light appear and disappear as quickly. The lone figure removes his hands to reveal the boys eyes have been made whole. Looking into the face of the man who healed him he CRIES OUT for his father. BOY (CONT'D) (joyfully) Father! I can see...where are you? Quickly from behind his father appears and turns the boy toward him as he kneels to look into his eyes. His face turns from shock to joy then he stands for a sign. FATHER My boy, what am I wearing? The boys smiles eagerly. BOY A long silk tunic... FATHER My God! It’s true. He starts sobbing when suddenly he realizes the boy doesn’t know the color. FATHER (CONT'D) It is blue and gold. He stands and looks beyond as the boy turns toward the well. The Healer is gone. 2. EXT. CLOISTERS - VATICAN - ROME - DAY A Bishop in black is scurrying amongst the columns. The breeze wisps his cloak into the air. INT. SPIRAL STAIRCASE - CONTINUOUS A pair of worn leather slippers patters up the stairway. INT. CARDINALS QUARTERS - CONTINUOUS Bursting through the doorway the Bishop lowers his head to a CARDINAL facing a mirror being prepared by a servant dressing him in his scarlet cassock. He views the Bishop in the reflection. The Bishop now looks up moving one step closer as he huffs heavily from his hurried flight up the stairs. BISHOP (exclaiming) We found him! India...walking on the Ganges. The Cardinal stops his servant and turns. CARDINAL Where along the Ganges? BISHOP No sire. Not along. Walking on the Ganges. The Bishop anticipating orders waits as the Cardinal looks stunned. CARDINAL Then it’s true.(sighs)Notify the proper diocese and set up a time for council. BISHOP Yes sire. The Bishop exits. CARDINAL (sotto) If it’s not too late.