Written by Michael Meyer 

Soon to be written and filmed in India. With copyright permission it will be the sequel to Star Man 

EXT. THAR DESERT - INDIA - MOONLIT NIGHT Music: Message From The Cosmos by Kitaro Palms sway in a warm breeze. A lone figure of a man walks along the horizon of sand, his silhouette blends a flowing gown just above his ankles. A boy drinks from a well shimmering in the moonlight, then looks upward as he hears footsteps nearing. The light reveals his eyes are blind as he drops his cup to the ground. It rolls slightly to a pair of feet in sandals. A shadow of a man umbrella’s the boy when suddenly two hands reach for his face. The boy begins to shiver and quake. BOY You’re him...the man in my dreams. It’s you! Tears start to swell beneath his blank eyes. The gentle hands calm the boy as they cover his eyes. Then glorious rays of light appear and disappear as quickly. The lone figure removes his hands to reveal the boys eyes have been made whole. Looking into the face of the man who healed him he CRIES OUT for his father. BOY (CONT'D) (joyfully) Father! I can see...where are you? Quickly from behind his father appears and turns the boy toward him as he kneels to look into his eyes. His face turns from shock to joy then he stands for a sign. FATHER My boy, what am I wearing? The boys smiles eagerly. BOY A long silk tunic... FATHER My God! It’s true. He starts sobbing when suddenly he realizes the boy doesn’t know the color. FATHER (CONT'D) It is blue and gold. He stands and looks beyond as the boy turns toward the well. The Healer is gone. 2. EXT. CLOISTERS - VATICAN - ROME - DAY A Bishop in black is scurrying amongst the columns. The breeze wisps his cloak into the air. INT. SPIRAL STAIRCASE - CONTINUOUS A pair of worn leather slippers patters up the stairway. INT. CARDINALS QUARTERS - CONTINUOUS Bursting through the doorway the Bishop lowers his head to a CARDINAL facing a mirror being prepared by a servant dressing him in his scarlet cassock. He views the Bishop in the reflection. The Bishop now looks up moving one step closer as he huffs heavily from his hurried flight up the stairs. BISHOP (exclaiming) We found him! India...walking on the Ganges. The Cardinal stops his servant and turns. CARDINAL Where along the Ganges? BISHOP No sire. Not along. Walking on the Ganges. The Bishop anticipating orders waits as the Cardinal looks stunned. CARDINAL Then it’s true.(sighs)Notify the proper diocese and set up a time for council. BISHOP Yes sire. The Bishop exits. CARDINAL (sotto) If it’s not too late. 


Ferry Across The Mersey

Beatlemania is sweeping America. An impetuous aspiring actress lives out her small town high school play, Bye Bye Birdie, in real life as she puts her boyfriend on hold during their senior trip to London when she falls for a British rocker who desperately needs a hit song.

Imagine being the girl he wrote the song for....'Love Is All Around'

Romantic Comedy Musical 1966
Feature Film - Script Completed
Original Screenplay

The small town girls in Ferry Across the Mersey visit London

Julie, Jill, Gretchen and Bobbie love their new fashion.

One Clear Night In Kansas

A father and daughter come to terms one long night at an abandoned farm house in Kansas. When he reveals his secret life of an outlaw man he must chose between the queen of diamonds or the queen of hearts before its too late.


A Full Length Feature Film
The Lives of the Artists
Giorgio Vasari

The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti,
Florentine Painter, Sculptor, and Architect

"..the most benevolent Ruler of Heaven mercifully turned His eyes towards earth , and, witnessing the hopeless quantity of such labors of struggling artists , the most fervid but fruitless studies, and the presumptuous opinion of men who were further from the truth than shadows from light , he decided , in order to rid us of so many errors , to send to earth a spirit who, working alone, was able to demonstrate in every art and every profession the meaning of perfection in the form of design...He gave us ...Michelangelo, the very hand of God." Giorgio Vasari 1564

Seeking Production and Filming in Italy
Script in Development

The Ancestor

It’s the end of summer. Daniel studies the back acreage that intrigues him to the estate the Realtor is showing him. The house is large and antebellum with a modern addition that makes it attractive to this Southern California novelist. He needs a place to stay in the South while caring for his mother and taking that overdue sabbatical to get centered from his mid-life crisis. His agent is masterful at patiently stalling the publisher while constantly prodding Daniel’s progress to meet his promised deadline. Daniel has become weary of cell phones, freeways and word processors and buys a diary book, notepads and a supply of pens tp practice calligraphy. He knows he’s not going to live up to his promised deadline so his ailing mother and a struggling marriage is the perfect excuse to get away.

A short time passes. The leaves turn color. Daniel's preparation for a long winter is all for naught as his mother unexpectedly doesn’t pull through. At the funeral he is moved between the warmth and comfort of a multitude of family members and the feeling of emptiness and loss. He takes a walk through the older part of the cemetery and notices the small confederate flags at some of the grave sites. He bends down and reads the name and date engraved on a weathered stone.


BORN JULY 10, 1846, DIED SEPTEMBER 18, 1864 
He is on one knee staring at the headstone. Michelle walks up from behind and puts her hand on his shoulder. Daniel ponders aloud, “He was 18. Am I the first person to look at this in over a hundred years?” He takes one of the flowers she’s holding and puts one on his grave.

Between his lonely nights with grief, guilt, and a growing obsession to find his purpose, he begins to hear strange noises coming from the forest in the back. It’s pitch dark when he turns on the back flood lights and walks out to his balcony deck. He concludes he’s hearing things and decides to try and drink into the night and sleep.

Scene : Somewhere in Time
Chapter from book out now.

The Time Portal

Daniel’s finishing his morning shower routine. He walks into the kitchen looking fresh and awake, wearing his full-length robe. The sunshine is breaking through. He pours his usual cup of coffee and opens the doorway out
onto the balcony, then steps outside. He looks out as he is about to take a sip and freezes like a deer in the head- lights. His eyes widen and his face has an expression of astonishment. He’s startled by the panoramic view in front of his eyes.
Most are dressed in uniform, but some are not. There are layers of smoldering campfires among the dozens of tents. Many horses are neighing, exhaling the cold air. Some men are cooking, others washing clothes by the creek, even one is bathing in a heated tub. Many lay sleeping on the ground under wool blankets. Others are cleaning rifles, while some are tending wounded. 

The breeze picks up, blowing those same leaves, but a different setting below. Daniel sets down his coffee without taking his eyes off the scene beneath. Suddenly, a flock of honking geese fly overhead, forcing Daniel to look up and catch the identical formation from the previous day vanish into an invisible line in the sky as if into another dimension.
He scurries downstairs and steps out onto the ground. He pauses and looks left to right, confused by the change of scenery. He contemplates another shot of whiskey, but keeping clear-headed, steps into the back acreage of his yard and walks toward the creek then stands at the bank. He spots three young boys gathered around a smoldering fire.
“What are you doing here?” he calls out, squinting if perhaps it was an illusion.
They offer no answer. From the creek’s edge, he stretches one leg toward them, stepping on one rock, and then reaches the bank on the other side. His robe turns to a long wool coat in a mystical moment. He begins to walk through the tent area with trepidation. The men are going about their business, acknowledging him, but giving little concern. He walks with a bit more trust then approaches and stops by one soldier, a young boy, stooping and cooking with a pan over a fire.
“Is this some sort of reenactment?”
The boy glances up at him, but gives no response. He
asks the other soldier, “How old are you?”
One boy stands and spits, eyeing him up and down.
“Seventeen, sir.”
Daniel, feigning a grin, and sensing relief exclaims,
“You’re a Scout troop, right?”
The third boy sharpens his knife, but says nothing.
“Learning survival skills. That’s good,” Daniel juxtapositions a more cautious tone. 

Daniel again tries to uncover this strange scene. “Seriously, what are you doing here?”
The one boy seems more talkative, with a strong country Southern twang; he is the first to explain, “Texas Brigade, sir. We’re holding Sandy Creek til further orders.”
“You’re holding my back yard!” Daniel exclaims. They all look at him.
Quickly, cautious again, Daniel covers up his remarks,
“That’s good,” as he looks around suspiciously. “Holding it from who?”
“Yankees! Maybe two days out. Got us on the run fer now. Waiting orders from General Hood where to ambush ‘em.”
The third one, sharpening his knife, chimes in barely understandable, “That yorn house yonder? Yuz got any chikns?”
Daniel turns back and sees his house, then looks back to the soldier with a crazy expression. “Yorn? You guys are good. Really, what’s going on?” It’s all incredulous to him.
The Rebel boy cooking holds out a frying pan after taking a sample. “Take ye’ some. Darn tasty beins brown tail.”
Daniel looks about questioning as his thoughts try to rationalize what his eyes are seeing and his ears are hearing. The friendlier rebel boy spits again. “Squirrel meat,” he pauses. “You ain’t got nothin ta worry about, sir. We won’t bother yer house.”
Daniel decides to look around more. He pets a horse on the face, then glances further. He notices two officers looking over a map outside a tent with a table so he then walks toward them. They stand straight and look his way.
The first uniformed officer looks up and notices a some- what nervous Daniel approaching. With an educated tone of comfort, he assures him “We won’t be needing your house, if that’s what you’re seeking.”
“Well, that’s a relief.”
 He looks at the map with puzzlement. “You’re lost, right?”
“No sir. This is Sandy Creek Ridge, yonder is Sugar Hill. Cavalry scouted the area a fortnight back.”
The other officer looks over Daniel then, with a deep good ol’ boy voice, “You seen any Yanks?”
Quickly, a civilian rider pulls up and slides off his horse with a saddle bag full of mail. He dumps it out on the table and then hands the officers specially tied letters.
The rider is out of breath, “Ya’lls lucky I got through. Yanks everywhere twixt here and Atlanta. No more mail
lieutenant, this is it.”
They quickly hand him some water and food while
he then hops back on his horse and rides off. Daniel’s mouth is open.
The second officer grimaces, “That settles it.”
They go back to their map.
“Agreed. Hood ain’t comin. We’ll retreat further south.”
Daniel walks around unnoticed to where he can see the mail. He picks up an envelope and reads the postmark.
AUGUST 19, 1864
He then picks up a post card, dated the same year, with
perfect cursive handwriting.
My dearest beloved husband, the war can wait. Our children are hungry and crying for their father. Please come home. Your devoted wife, Martha May.
Daniel sets it down in awe, completely perplexed. “Excuse me. This is dated August 1864. These letters are
all dated...”
They chuckle and look at each other grinning “That’s
only a month late. Least it’s the same year.” More laughter. Now Daniel looks around in disbelief. He makes one last attempt at clarity. 

“In that case, could I borrow your telephone? Mine’s dead.”
They look at him with blank stares and dead silence. Daniel politely dismisses his request, “Never mind then.” He looks at his wrist, but there’s no watch. “It seems
I’ve lost track of time.”

Scene and chapter: Finding Sarah

• Discover hiding with slave
• Background: Age 22; Married Union officer when away to college; daughter of a wealthy Southern plantation owner; disowned by parents; raped by rebel raiders; slave Marcus kills all 4 with his bare hands and a knife ; she has a baby;
• Slave, Marcus, runs away and is loyal to her and saves her from death
• She’s conflicted about keeping baby if her husband returns from the war, he will make her leave it behind (Daniel proves who's baby it is by retrieving DNA into the future for testing)
• She’s told her husband is missing and probably dead
• Daniel becomes infatuated with this young woman as she expresses so vibrantly the child within her.

Thanksgiving and Abraham Lincoln 1864

See diary for set up
• Before actual Thanksgiving day : all is at peace for one day.
• Marcus can cook
• Lincolns proclamation and healing
• They play music, sing and celebrate
• The arrival of General Sherman and battle plans
• Thousands of lives awaiting their fate

 Andersonville: Journey into the Heart of Darkness

• Purpose: Daniel to find his great great grandfather and give him hope and a reason for his life by telling him of the future before he dies in prison

Novel released June, 2019/ Also in Original Screenplay

Genre: Historical/Science Fiction/ Drama/Romantic/Time Travel or Time Portal

The Ancestor

The Ancestor

A Journey in Time Reveals a Family Mystery

From the short novel written 
Michael Meyer 

Coming to Amazon and bookstores June 2019
Paperback and Kindle

Behold The Whirlwind

God spoke to a young boy out of a whirlwind. What followed was a poor humble man from Kentucky who became the greatest faith healer of the 20th century. A skeptic journalist is assigned to report on the groundswell of miracles and discovers a prophet beyond belief. Not only does he heal the sick and raise the dead, he sees it in visions long before it happens.

Adapted to Screenplay
Based on a True Story
Set from the 1930's through 1960's. Drama; Spiritual ; In First Draft.

1948 After Major Healing Service.

Journalist Lowell Carter has just retired to his hotel room having witnessed the miracles.

Branham is in prayer. Tired and slow to get up he walks toward a smaller meeting tent where local ministers are gathered.
Gentlemen, maybe we should continue this conference tomorrow-
Branham perks up and greets them with a smile.
Has God gone to bed Lindsay?
LAUGHTER. Lindsay acquiesces and makes introductions.
Brother Branham, they all are in agreement. They want you to stay and extend another week. It’s up to you.
I have my answer as God has spoken it in a vision. But before revival can remain here in St. Louis brothers reproof and correction must be made-
A minister stands up.
We’re all most grateful and ready for your lead brother Branham.
I think not brother as some of you are still skeptic and some have the love of money on your hearts.
They begin to move a bit nervously. Lindsay looks as if he knows what’s coming and sits down.
Many a congregation has been submerged to purely human that the word Brother Lindsay? did I get it right...submerged?
I believe that best describes it.
You’re here because your church is dead. Empty of super natural presence.
Branham senses to ease off.
Well...quit squirmin , I’m not gonna single you out. I dearly love each and every one of you. Answer to God not me. You know your weakness...Lord knows I have mine and they are not a few.
He pulls out a handkerchief and wipes his eyes.
When he grieves I do grieve the same.
Branham POUNDS his bible and stirs them up
But he has compassion on us gentlemen and has given his word that if you will lock your self in a closet so to speak and pray mightily for one week with fasting you’ll have revival like you never seen.
Thank you Brother.
They MURMUR in agreement.
And glory be to God I’m staying-
They ERUPT in CLAPPING and PRAISING all standing.
No hell or high water shall prevail against our God and his servants. Glory! Run devil, you are powerless to stop the hand of the God and creator of heaven and earth...
He raises his hand and bible. THUNDER CRACKS LOUD outside the tent and vibrates inside.
...I cast you out of this city...roar all you’re hell and your demons are shaking. The lame shall walk, the suffering shall rise up, the blind will see...revival Is here in the name of Jesus Christ almighty, his kingdom come!
Lightening sparks and THUNDER RUMBLES.
Lowell’s eyes open. Light flashes in his room.
I awoke a new man. I wanted to tell the world.
A paper boy is CALLING.
Kansas City Star here. Miracle about the healer..Kansas City Star here!

The Lost Pyramid

Our planet Earth is in peril. A quirky science professor is confidant his theory that the two great pyramids of Egypt and Mexico City were conceived and built by advanced intelligence in order to communicate to the cosmic source. What's missing is the third great pyramid which contains the capstone needed to harness the galactic energy and transmit the power to receive the message that's waiting far beyond the universe.

Concept by Professor Emo
Story and Screenplay
Michael Meyer

Stalking Nicole

A Hollywood detective is on the trail of a serial killer who has the city gripped with fear when he gets a call to investigate a stalker obsessed with actress Nicole Kidman. The mystery notches up when he realizes the line up of girls in the morgue are a dead ringer for the sultry, beautiful star. Her paranoia spins out of control and she trusts no one as the creep seems to know her closer than she could ever have imagined.

From Mafia Boss To The Cross

Joey said to take whatever Paulo offers. If he offers to kill you, that’s better than torture. If he offers to torture you, that’s better than torturing family or girlfriend in front of you. Just take whatever he offers. Last he said, dress sharp and clean. Go out in style...with some dignity.
Bruno’s sitting in a chair in front of a mirror in what appears like a French parlor with panty hose and negligee hanging and strewn about. Connie, half dressed in silk robe like a street hooker on a break, is finishing cutting his hair. Angela is powdering his face and applying make up.
(Boston accent)
Angela, you really can do make up. We should start a salon.
Bruno takes a drink from glass.
We can do hair and turn tricks too.
What? Like he don’t know? (beat) Say, my mob client says he knows you.
Yeah...from Rikers Island.
Angela suddenly stops.
You been to Rikers?
Bruno stone faced.
I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t ever bring it up again.
Bruno looks at Angela in the mirror then Connie. Then at himself. He looks brand new.
It’s OK Angela. Connie, where’s those suits you mentioned.
Connie walks over to a curtained closet and pulls it back. It’s full of suits, ties, shoes along with loud colored dresses. She pulls one out and hold it next to Bruno.
Like I told sugah daddy. He’s just your size.
Bruno comes out of the bedroom impeccable. Even with shimmering cuffs and tie clip. Connie puts her arm around Angela’s shoulders.
And you said he was old and bald. He’s frickin goigus.
Angela’s dolled up in a tight short skirt, black lace hose, pumps and glamorous make up. She grabs her purse.
Where you goin?
With you.
Nah, nah, you could get hurt. I can’t-
She shuts him up with a kiss.
If you’re goin down then we’re goin down together.
He stands back and looks her over.
(trying to be light) are dressed for the kill.


What starts off as a harmless experiment with a mysterious, hypnotic induced drug that produces blackouts, takes on a more serious twist of bizarre events. The sub concious now takes over Sam Mills as he's no longer able to remember what goes on in his dark side. With no criminal background, a trail of clues and a sleuth detective from London connects him to some chilling crime scenes. The UK's most brilliant crime lawyer, Terence Downey, must now set the stage for an unprecedented Jykell and Hide defense for this landmark case.